What The Fuck

Token Sale

Another useless token?!
Oh, no! This token sends a signal!

…holding this token sends a signal that you feel like
“What The Fuck?! But I'm still in!”
(Which kinda describes the whole industry now.)

We're in!

So, what is this?!

1. Entertainment!

If nothing else, this is a joke token.

Buying this token may be like spending crypto riches on an entertainment. I mean not a very smart entertainment. I love the idea of seeing the WTF token on established exchanges but yeah it’s just a nasty word and haha.

2. Lottery!

Once the token contract is finalized, we will run a lottery and you’ll be able to win 25% of the collected Ether!

I will create a community-approved algorithm that will randomly pick 5 registered contributors and award them each with 5% of total contributions. Registrations will be open for a reasonable time on this website and will be probably a matter of pushing one button in an Ethereum enabled browser.

3. A project proposal!

If we manage to collect at least 1000 ETH, I will donate a part of the funds to a foundation that would develop a platform where people can present a problem and a solution (like “What the fuck is this…? I’m gonna fix it!”).

One would present a problem+solution, and others could pledge based on their preferences for specific problems to be solved. If the community agrees that the solution has been delivered, the solver would be awarded with donations. It would be a bit like Kickstarter but people wouldn’t fund products (although they might), rather, they’d fund solutions for any type of a fucked-up situation.

See our Whitepaper (or an informal brochure…)

Now, the tokens.

The WTF token sale is now ON!
And it may end any time.

Once I feel out of What The Fucks, I will finalize the contract and that's it. No more WTFs will ever be given.

How to get some digital WTF

Just send as much Ether as you wish to the WTF token crowdsale contract address, you’ll get 1000 WTF per 1 ETH in return:


See it on Etherscan

Disclaimer: this is a non-utility, non-security digital information. By sending Ethers you agree that I am liable for nothing related to anything stated on What The Fuck Token Sale webpage and related material.

A philosopher's note

Blockchain is the future, it's like the beginning of the Internet they say. A practical and sustainable application of the technology is yet to be seen, but I did almost wet my pants when I deployed my first Ethereum contract back then, so why not to dig deeper into this highly experimental, unstable and untested tech. Forget paperclips, optimize for the blockchain! I just don't feel very comfortable with having my valuable data stored in people's garages and centralized warehouses who knows where. So I hope this is gonna work out somehow. Maybe satelites or shit.

— said Someone, somewhere

Look! Isn't this cute?!